Garmin Asus M10 GPS Phone

Asus M10 GPS Phone Garmin Asus M10 GPS Phone

Yes, I’m happy to announce that Garmin-Asus is giving away a brand new phone to a lucky reader here icon smile Garmin Asus M10 GPS Phone

Update: We have a winner! See below for more details.

I’ve lost count how many phone GPS’s I’ve used before, but the Garmin Asus M10 seriously blows any GPS device I’ve used out of the water.

The screen is large (3.5), and the interface is simple to understand and read.

It also offers

and it has a really powerful built-in GPS which locks on to signals quickly, and even works perfectly well without A-GPS (It also supports A-GPS).

For ease of use, navigation functions are built directly into the shortcut menu for easy access, and it comes with a nifty car-kit as well.

In short, it’s a full featured Garmin GPS device with a Windows Mobile 6.5.3 phone squeezed in.

Lacking the messaging prowess of a BlackBerry, the media experience of an iPhone, and the Google & web functionality of an Android, Windows Mobile systems have long had the unglamorous tag of being able to do everything, but doing nothing particularly well.    This phone however, does navigation supremely well, so you have to consider this…  This phone does everything a top of the line standalone Garmin GPS does.  Throw in a little bit more money, and you have yourself an all-in-one SmartPhone device.

m10 Garmin Asus M10 GPS Phone

The giveaway: Update: We have a winner! See below for more details.

1 unit Garmin Asus M10 GPS Phone shipped directly to you.  The phone is expected to retail at anywhere from USD540 to USD600.

How to get the giveaway

1. Drop a comment saying you want the phone


2. Tweet this post and add the hashtag #friedbeefgiveaways

If you do both, it counts as two entries.

and after a week, I’ll randomly pick one lucky winner (via to walk away with the prize!

Garmin-Asus is a proud contributor to the 33 trees project and is not only giving away awesome stuff but is helping to make the world a better place.

Update: 31/3/2010: We’ve a good 362 entries across twitter & this website… so I’m proud to announce the winner as….*drumroll*…
‘Chingy’ aka !

Thank you to all those who participated. Eventhough, you didn’t win, you made an important contribution in making this round’s 33 trees giveaway a success.

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Hello free Nokia Music

Bye bye Spotify, hello free Nokia Music

Summary: If you enjoy listening to various artists and discovering new music then the free Nokia Music service on Lumia Windows Phone devices may be just perfect for you.
nokiamusicusa Hello free Nokia Music

Last week Nokia rolled out Nokia Music for the Lumia 710 and Lumia 900 devices here in the US. Nokia Music was a Lumia exclusive service released with the Lumia 800 outside the US, but it took almost a year to get it up and running here. I have been using it on both my Nokia Lumia 900 and Nokia N9 MeeGo device (yes, it runs on the N9 here in the US now too) since the release and have removed Spotify from both of these devices as this new FREE meets MY mobile music listening needs. Let’s take an in-depth look at Nokia Music on the Lumia 900 and if you have a Lumia 900 or 710 I highly recommend you give it a try, it won’t cost you anything but your time.

Nokia Mix Radio

I do not have a large personal music collection and have a rather eclectic taste in music where I listen to classic rock, Christian, classical, jazz, and country. It really depends on what I am doing and what kind of mood I am in. I have some favorite artists, but am open to listening to new artists as well so I prefer the “radio” model of listening where lots of different content is provided on a random basis to my devices. Thus, I am a perfect candidate for something like Nokia Music and I understand that some people prefer to listen to their own playlists and specific artists. There are lots of choices for all of us and so far I think Nokia Music was made just for people like me.

The Nokia Mix Radio functionality is provided by Nokia by real people and not machines. There is a team at Nokia that creates the unique Mix Radio playlists from approximately 17 million songs. There are AT&T exclusive mixes, featured mixes, top chart mixes, exercise mixes, mood-based mixes, celebrity mixes, and more. Nokia reports there are over 150 playlists available. You can even enter in your favorite artists and have Nokia Music develop custom mixes. I am a big fan of Sanctus Real and have a custom mix that is based on their sound. Nokia Music shows your recent mixes and lets you quickly access them later. Mixes can also be pinned to your Start screen for easy access and these Live Tiles actually do show album art and status of the mix.

a32 f5 Hello free Nokia Music
Asus A32-F5 Laptop Battery
Li-ion, 4400 mAh, 11.1 V only AU $ 61.21laptop battery free shipping Hello free Nokia Music

Another major benefit of the Nokia Music service and Mix Radio is the ability to download music for listening to without a connection. Nokia Music supports offline download of music for a period of time from three to four hours of playback (I am trying to find out an official length allowed by the service). This is great for flights or other times when you do not have an active connection. If you need more music than this for offline usage then you can always switch to listening to any of your own music stored on your device or enjoy music you purchased through the Nokia Store.

My Music

While the real strength of discovery and exploration of music is found in Nokia Mix Radio, some people want to listen to their own music. Nokia brings in access to music stored on your device so you can use Nokia Music to select and play songs without having to use the Music utility found in Windows Phone. On the Nokia N9, your own music is found in the Music app while the Music Store app is where you go to listen to “radio” channels and purchase music.

When you tap My Music from within Nokia Music you will see all of the music stored on your device assembled in pages for artists, albums, songs, genres, and playlists. I cannot find any way to create a playlist on my Lumia 900 and the playlists screen instructs me to connect to a PC for playlists. This module functions much like the Windows Phone Music utility with controls for play, pause, forward, backward, shuffle, and repeat. Music controls can be accessed from above the lock screen as well. Unlike the current Windows Phone utility, you can also share what you are listening to with your social network (Windows Live, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook), via email, or via SMS. I like this ability to share with my social networks and hope Microsoft adds that to Windows Phone, something even the Zune HD has in place.

HP pavilion zv5000 battery brand new 4400mAh only AU $ 65.99

Nokia Music Store

If there is song you really enjoy and want to use it on other devices or make sure it is always in your collection then you can purchase songs from the store. I see that most individual songs are $1.29 each, but there are full album prices that reduce the per song price quite a bit. For example, I see one album at $9.90 that comes with 14 songs (71 cents per song). It would be great to see album and song specials, similar to what Amazon provides.


My wife and I have been reliving our youth when we never went to concerts and have seen Journey, Foreigner, Night Ranger, Van Halen, Aerosmith, and Weird Al Yankovic over the last year. Nokia has a Gigs page within Nokia Music that uses your location to help you find local live performances. You can even purchase tickets through various services, such as Songkick. Gigs can also be pinned to the Start screen or shared with your social networks and friends.

Recommended improvements

I realize this is the first release here in the US and the service is free, but I do have a couple of features I would like to see added. I like that my Zune Pass music service shows the album art of the last artist I was listening to on my Live Tile as it adds a bit of personalization and character to my Start screen. I want Nokia to add this type of Live Tile functionality as well since right now all I see is a musical note.

The Bing Music Search works well for identifying songs and letting me download from the Zune Marketplace, but I would like to see the option to choose the Nokia Music store as well. Android has support for multiple media providers like this and with the deep Microsoft and Nokia partnership I hope we see more integration of Nokia services in the Windows Phone experience.

Do you have other recommended improvements for the service?

Top Power for Netbooks and Tablets

It used to be that laptops were considered the ultimate in portable computing, but that didn’t last long. Two more entities, namely the netbook and the tablet, came soon, one after the other, and redefined the word laptop.

While netbooks, as the name suggests, were invented with the sole purpose of browsing the internet, tablets were meant to take computing to the next level, i.e. the touch level. Tablets do not even have a physical keyboard; all they have is a big touch screen. Tablets are so advanced that they do not even need a stylus, you can simply let your fingers do the talking, or in this case, computing!

Many netbooks also feature touch screens, so it’s a bit confusing for beginners to distinguish between netbooks and tablets. Let’s put it this way: a netbook has a physical keyboard, while a tablet does not. The most famous tablet as of now is the Apple iPad, and rare is the person who has not heard or seen a picture of it. However, putting the differences between the two aside, you have to remember that the basic thing that makes them both work is the power supply and the Dell latitude d610 laptop battery.

apple netbook tablet  Top Power for Netbooks and Tablets

Both netbooks and tablets have batteries in them, and while netbooks have detachable batteries, tablets don’t. Their laptop batteries are built in, and cannot be removed easily. Nor is it recommended to try to remove the Toshiba satellite a100 battery of a tablet. Use the AC adapter that came with the tablet or netbook to charge it and make sure you don’t over charge or undercharge. An AC adapter to act as a medium that transmits power from the outlet to the device.

Toshiba pa3356u-1bas battery – Brand New 4400mAh Only AU $60.31

Toshiba pa3399u-2bas battery – Brand New 4400mAh Only AU $61.68

Toshiba pa3331u-1bas battery – Brand New 4400mAh Only AU $59.71

Batteries are very delicate devices, and proper care has to be taken with them. If needed, you can buy a universal netbook adapter, like the ones offered by Duracell and Belkin. They are priced reasonably, and do not consume loads of power. The advantage of using a universal AC adapter is that it supports literally every netbook available on the planet, and thus will be a great thing to have if friends or colleagues want to charge and don’t have an adaptor. Also, if you have multiple devices, a universal netbook adapter might be a good choice.

More often than not, AC adapters have been criticized heavily, mainly because of the bulk and weight that they have. When the whole purpose of inventing the tablet and the netbook was to make computing ultra-portable, it makes no sense if the adapter itself is a bulky device, thus spoiling the image. So companies are now working on ways to reduce the size and weight of the adapters, and make the tablet and netbook lighter and more protable. Don’t be surprised when the day comes when you can carry your tablet, earphones and the battery charger adapter, all in your pockets, because it is not far away! In fact, you can do it now.

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Laptop Battery Life Saving Tips & Buy Laptop Batteries Guide


HP Laptop Battery Knowledge Base

HP Laptop Batteries Care Guide

Steps to maximize the life of your HP battery

There are actions you can take to make your battery last longer during each charge cycle and live longer over many cycles. HP always recommends following the instructions for charging and storage that came with the battery or notebook. On this page quality laptop batteries supplier offer additional suggestions to help you get the most from your portable power supply.

Manage battery power more effectively in Windows

Make sure your battery gives the power you need, when you need it. Power Options in your Control Panel allow you to adjust the power management features of your notebook PC.

Tips for conserving battery power on laptop

You can manually change the power consumption of your notebook PC and conserve battery power. s HP Laptop Battery Knowledge Base
s HP Laptop Battery Knowledge Base
  • Reduce the brightness of the screen to the minimum readable level. Use the function keys on the top of your keyboard to adjust the brightness.
  • Remove peripherals when not in use. External hard drives, CD-ROMs, Zip drives, PC cards, and other peripheral devices can draw power from your battery even when they are not in active use.  Disconnect them when you have finished using them.
  • Turn off the Wireless On-Off button when it is not in use. If your notebook has one, press the Wireless On-Off button so that the light turns off.

batteries HP Laptop Battery Knowledge BaseLaptop Battery care practices

Battery cells suffer gradual, irreversible capacity loss over time. Such aging occurs more rapidly as temperature and discharge loads increase. Here are some suggested ways to minimize the capacity loss for your battery. s HP Laptop Battery Knowledge Base
s HP Laptop Battery Knowledge Base
  • Store Li-Ion batteries between 20°C and 25°C (68°F and 77°F) with 30% to 50% charge.
  • Do not leave batteries exposed to high temperatures for extended periods. Prolonged exposure to heat (for example, inside a hot car) will accelerate the deterioration of Li-Ion cells.
  • Remove the battery if the notebook will be stored (turned off and not plugged into AC power) for more than 2 weeks.
  • Remove the battery if the notebook will be plugged into AC power continuously (via a wall adapter or docking station) for more than 2 weeks.

Calibrate the laptop battery Instructions

Short discharges and recharges do not fully synchronize the battery’s fuel gauge with the battery’s state-of-charge. This can result in the amount of power available in one cycle being less than expected or the battery meter being inaccurate.

Tag cloud: HP laptop battery information center,  HP notebook batteries, laptop battery care guide, HP 484170-001 laptop battery, Compaq nc6120 battery, Compaq nc8000 batteryHP Elitebook 8530w Battery

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How to keep HP 484170-001 laptop battery life longer

3-Year Warranty Laptop Batteries

Prolong Lithium-based Laptop Batteries Instructions

Prolong Lithium-based Laptop Batteries Instructions

How to Prolong Lithium-based Batteries

What Causes Lithium-ion to Age?

The lithium-ion battery works on ion movement between the positive and negative electrodes. In theory, such a mechanism should work forever, but shelf life, cycling and temperature affect the performance. Because batteries are used under many demanding environmental conditions, manufacturers take a conservative approach and specify a battery life between 300 and 500 discharge/charge cycles. Life cycle testing is easy to measure and is well understood by the user. Some organizations also add a date stamp of three to five years; however, this method is less reliable because it does not include the type of use.

Figure 1 illustrates the capacity drop of 11 Li-polymer laptop batteries that have been cycled at a Cadex laboratory. The 1500mAh pouch cells were first charged to 4.20V/cell at 1C rate (1500mA) and allowed to saturate to 0.05C (75mA) as part of full charge procedure. The batteries were then discharged at 1500mA to 3.0V/cell, and the cycle was repeated.

lith1%282%29 Prolong Lithium based Laptop Batteries Instructions

Figure 1: Capacity drop as part of cycling. A pool of new 1500mA Li-ionbatteries for smart phone istested on a Cadex C7400 battery analyzer. All 11 pouch packs show a starting capacity of 88–94 percent and decrease in capacity to 73–84 percent after 250 full discharge cycles (2010).

Courtesy of Cadex

Designed for a smart phone, the packs were already a few months old at time of testing and none of the batteries made it to 100 percent. It is common to see lower than specified capacities and shelf life may have contributed to this. Manufacturers tend to overrate their batteries; they know that very few customers would complain. In our test, the expected capacity loss was uniform over the 250 cycles. All sample batteries performed as expected.

Similar to a mechanical device that wears out faster with heavy use, so also does the depth of discharge (DoD) determine the cycle count. The smaller the depth of discharge, the longer the battery will last. If at all possible, avoid frequent full discharges and charge more often between uses. If full discharges cannot be avoided, try utilizing a larger battery. Partial discharge on Li-ion is fine; there is no memory and the battery does not need periodic full discharge cycles other than to calibrate the fuel gauge on a smart battery.

Table 2 compares the number of discharge/charge cycles a battery can deliver at various DoD levels before lithium-ion is worn out. We assume end of life when the battery capacity drops to 70 percent. This is an arbitrary threshold that is application based.

Depth of discharge

Discharge cycles

Table 2: Cycle life and depth of discharge

A partial discharge reduces stress and prolongs battery life. Elevated temperature and high currents also affect cycle life.

100% DoD

50% DoD

25% DoD

10% DoD





Specifying battery life by the number of discharge cycles is not complete by itself; equally if not more important are temperature conditions and charging voltages. Lithium-ion suffers stress when exposed to heat and kept at a high charge voltage.

Elevated temperature is anything that dwells above 30°C (86°F), and a high voltage is higher than 4.10V/cell. When estimating longevity, these conditions are difficult to assess because the battery state is in constant flux, and so is the temperature in which it operates. Exposing the battery to high temperature and being at full state-of-charge for an extended time can be more damaging than cycling. Manufacturers do not like to talk about these environmental conditions and release information only in confidence when so requested.

In this essay we do not depend on the manufacturer’s specifications alone but also listen to the comments of users. is an excellent sounding board to connect with the public and learn about reality. This approach might be unscientific, but it is genuine. When the critical mass speaks, the manufacturers listen. The voice of the multitude is in some ways stronger than laboratory tests performed in sheltered environments.

Let’s look at real-life situations and examine what stress a lithium-ion battery encounters. Most packs last three to five years, less if exposed to high heat and if kept at a full charge. Table 3 illustrates capacity loss as a function of temperature and state-of-charge. One can clearly see a performance drop of recoverable capacity caused by environmental conditions and not cycling. The worst condition is keeping a fully charged battery at elevated temperatures, which is the case when running a laptop on the power grid. Under these circumstances the battery will typically last for about two years, whether cycled or not. The pack does not die suddenly but will produce decreasing runtimes as part of aging.

Battery Temperature

Permanent capacity loss when
stored at 40% state-of-charge
(recommended storage charge level)

Permanent capacity loss when
stored at 100% state-of-charge
(typical user charge level)





2% loss in 1 year; 98% remaining

4% loss in 1 year; 96% remaining

15% loss in 1 year; 85% remaining

25% loss in 1 year 75%; remaining

6% loss in 1 year; 94% remaining

20% loss in 1 year; 80% remaining

35% loss in 1 year; 65% remaining

40% loss in 3 months

Table 3: Permanent capacity loss of lithium‑ion as a function of temperature and charge level. High charge levels and elevated temperatures hasten permanent capacity loss. Newer designs may show improved results.

Batteries are also exposed to elevated temperature when charging with wireless chargers. The energy transfer from a charging mat to the portable device is 70 to 80 percent and the remaining 20 to 30 percent is lost mostly in heat. Placing a cellular phone on the heat generating charging mat stresses the battery more than if charged on a designated charger. We keep in mind that the mat will cool down once the HP 484170-001 battery is fully charged.

Equally stressful is leaving a laptop computer battery in a hot car, especially if exposed to the sun. When not in use, store the battery in a cool place. For long-term storage, manufacturers recommend a 40 percent charge. This allows for some self-discharge while still retaining sufficient charge to keep the protection circuit active. Finding the ideal state-of-charge is not easy; this would require a discharge unit with an appropriate cut-off. Users should not worry too much about the state-of-charge; a cool and dry place is more important.

The voltage level to which the cells are charged also plays a role in extending longevity. For safety reasons, most lithium-ion cannot exceed 4.20V/cell. While a higher voltage would boost capacity, over-voltage shortens service life. Figure 4 demonstrates the increased capacity but shorter cycle life if Li-ion were allowed to exceed the 4.20V/cell limit. At 4.35V, the capacity would increase by 10 to 15 percent, but the cycle count would be cut in half. More critical than the extra capacity is reduced safety, which would be the results of a higher charge voltage.

lith2 Prolong Lithium based Laptop Batteries Instructions  

Figure 4: Effects on cycle life at elevated charge voltages

Higher charge voltages boost capacity but lower cycle life and compromise safety.

Source: Choi et al. (2002)

Chargers for cellular phones, laptops and digital cameras bring the Li-ion battery to 4.20V/cell. This allows maximum runtime, and the consumer wants nothing less than optimal use of the battery capacity. The industry, on the other hand, is more concerned with longevity and prefers lower voltage thresholds. Satellites and electric vehicles are examples where longevity is important.

We have limited battery information by how much lower charge voltages prolong battery life; this depends on many conditions, as we have learned. What we do know, however, is the capacities. At a charge to 4.10V/cell, the battery holds a capacity that is about 10 percent less than going all the way to 4.20V/cell. In terms of optimal longevity, a charge voltage limit of 3.92V/cell works best but the capacity would be low. Besides selecting the best-suited voltage thresholds, it is also important that the battery does not stay in the high-voltage stage for a long time and is allowed to drop after full charge has been reached.

Dell inspiron 1520 battery
4400mAh, li-ion
only AU $61.29

The voltage threshold of commercial chargers cannot be changed, and making it adjustable would have advantages, especially for laptops as a means of prolonging battery life. When running on extended AC mode, the user would select the “long life” mode and the battery would charge to only, say, 4.05V/cell. This would get a capacity of about 80 percent. Before traveling the user would apply the “full charge mode” to bring the charge to 4.20V/cell. This saturation charge would take about an hour and would fill the battery to 100 percent capacity.

Realizing the stress on the battery, some laptop and cellular phone manufacturers choose an end-of-charge voltage that is less than 4.20V/cell. A slightly larger laptop battery pack compensates for the reduced runtime. Another option to extend battery life is removing the pack from the laptop when running on the power grid. The Consumer Product Safety Commissionadvises the public to do this out of concern for overheating and causing a fire. Removing the battery has the disadvantage of losing unsaved work on power failure.

Heat buildup is always a concern and running a laptop in bed or on a pillow may contribute to this by restricting airflow. Not only will heat stress electronic components, elevated temperature causes the electrodes in the battery to react with the electrolyte and this will permanently lower the capacity. Placing a ruler or other object under the laptop to increase floor clearance improves air circulation around the enclosure and keeps the unit cooler.

The question is often asked: Should I disconnect my laptop from the power grid when not in use? Under normal circumstances this should not be necessary because once the lithium-ion battery is full, a correctly functioning charger will discontinue the charge and will only engage when the battery voltage drops to a low level. Most users do not remove the AC power, and I like to believe that this practice is safe.

Everyone wants to keep the battery as long as possible and use it in a way that is least stressful. This is not always feasible. Sometimes we need to run the battery in environments that are not conducive to optimal service life. As a doctor cannot predict how long a person will live based on diet and activity alone, so also does the life of a battery vary, and it can always be cut short by an unexpected failure. Batteries and humans share the same volatility.

To get a better understanding of what causes irreversible capacity loss in Li-ion batteries, several research laboratories* are performing forensic tests. Scientist dissected failed batteries to find suspected problem areas on the electrodes. Examining an unrolled 1.5-meter-long strip (5 feet) of metal tape coated with oxide reveals that the finely structured nanomaterials have coarsened. Further studies revealed that the lithium ions responsible to shuttle electric charge between the electrodes had diminished on the cathode and had permanently settled on the anode. This results in the cathode having a lower lithium concentration than a new example, a phenomenon that is irreversible. Knowing the reason for such capacity loss might enable battery manufacturers to produce future batteries with longer life spans.

Power loss through Protection Circuit

Besides common aging, a Li-ion Acer Aspire 5520 Battery can also fail because of undercharge. This occurs if a Li-ion pack is stored in a discharged condition. Self-discharge gradually lowers the voltage of the already discharged battery and the protection circuit cuts off between 2.20 and 2.90V/cell. Some chargers and battery analyzers (including those from Cadex) provide a wake-up feature, or “boost,” to re-energize and recharge these seemingly dead Li-ion batteries.

* Research is performed by the Center for Automotive Research at the Ohio State University in collaboration with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the National Institute of Standards Technology.

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Improve Laptop Batteries with Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology has important contributions to make to the efficiency of energy storage. Note that the types of batteries where nano is making a difference are the ones in cars, laptops, and industrial power backups, rather than the batteries rolling around in your kitchen drawer.

More efficient batteries through nano

So how does nanotechnology help batteries work more efficiently? A key factor in battery efficiency is the power density, or how much electrical power a battery can supply per weight. Of the various types of batteries in use, lithium-ion batteries have the greatest power density, which is why they’re used in laptops and electric cars.

Lithium-ion laptop batteries can store the same amount of power as a nickel-metal hydride battery in a lighter and smaller package. Lithium-ion manufacturers project that their batteries will last about ten years, about four years longer than nickel-metal hydride batteries.

However, lithium-ion batteries are slower to charge and have safety issues. (For example, in one publicized instance a few years ago, lithium-ion batteries in laptop computers caught fire.) Many companies are exploring the use of nanotechnology to change the material used in lithium-ion HP NC6000 Extended Life Laptop Battery electrodes.

Each company has used its own proprietary material composition, both to reduce the risk of battery fires and to incorporate the capability of a nanostructured surface to increase the surface area on the electrodes. This increase in surface area provides more places for the lithium ions to make contact, allowing greater power density and faster battery discharging and recharging.

We expect the next few steps in nano-based battery improvements to increase power density over conventional lithium-ion batteries by five to ten times. These changes should make laptops lighter, allow them to go a longer time before recharging.

These improvements, however, depend on the manufacturers’ choices. For example, electric cars may be capable of running a few hundred miles between recharges or may contain smaller, less expensive laptop battery packs.

Future nanotechnology improvements to batteries

Using nanotechnology in the manufacture of batteries could increase the power available from a battery through several methods being developed today. For example:

These techniques could increase the efficiency of hybrid or electric vehicles by significantly reducing the battery weight or increasing their range.

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Review and Rating Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga is one of the more intriguing products to be announced this year and we got some hands on time at the Gadget Show Live 2012.

Lenovo ideapad yoga Review and Rating Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

The Yoga is a hybrid device and named because of its flexible nature. Rather than following the example of Asus‘ Transformer Prime – a tablet which plugs into a keyboard dock to make it a laptop, the IdeaPad Yoga is a laptop with a touchscreen which folds into a tablet.

Lenovo has designed the device to be used in four different usage modes or positions called notebook, tablet, tent and stand. The first is a traditional laptop with a keyboard, trackpad and screen. You can then fold the screen all the way over to turn it into a tablet. The third mode involves positioning the device in a triangular tent-like fashion on a flat surface. Lastly you can have the keyboard facing the supporting surface and angle the screen as desired.

The unit we saw at the Gadget Show Live wasn’t fully working so we weren’t able to give it a proper run for its money. We’ll reserve full judgment on performance and battery life for when we get the Yoga into our test centre.

Lenovo thinkpad t61 batteries brand new 4400mAh Only AU $46.72 battery company Review and Rating Lenovo IdeaPad YogaAustralia Post Fast Delivery

Toshiba pa3534u-1bas laptop batteries toshiba123 Review and Rating Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga4400mAh 10.8V only AU $55.07

It’s full marks from us on innovation and creativity for the IdeaPad Yoga. The way it folds into different shapes certainly means it will adapt to different situations well. For example, the keyboard and trackpad are automatically disabled when using the Yoga in certain modes.

It is quite big and heavy at 16.9mm and 1.47kg to use a handheld tablet for any length of time but that’s the nature of a hybrid device like this.

The IdeaPad Yoga has a 13.3-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1600 x 900 and runs on Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system. Windows 8 is simply the perfect match for the Yoga and its hybrid nature utilising the touchscreen, keyboard and trackpad.

One downside to the Yoga is the hefty price tag which Lenovo recently announced as £1,200. Nevertheless we’re looking forward to getting the clever gadget in for a full review.

Gadget Show live 2012120412 11 Review and Rating Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

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How to Monitor and Manage Your Laptop With Smartphone

Want to monitor and manage your computers with smartphone, then you have to try PC Monitor Manager free app. It securely manage and monitor your computers via your portable device, another PC or a suitable web browser.

It’s a lightweight application that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of keeping track of what’s going onto your system right from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android using a fully secured SSL connection for both computer and mobile device.

With the help of this app you can view the status and uptime of all computers, start, pause, continue and stop a service, check and install Windows updates, view the status and browse the local hard disks and more.

Its simple to use just install the app in your PC and Smartphone here, now check and change any settings or notifications that are of interest.

PC Monitor setting  How to Monitor and Manage Your Laptop With Smartphone

Features of PC Monitor Manager:

· View the status and uptime of all computers
· View the current CPU usage
· View the current available memory
· View the local hard disks status
· View the services status
· View running processes
· View the scheduled tasks status
· View all logged in users (local and remote)

Apple A1079 Laptop Battery – Brand New 4000mAh Only AU $71.83

Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop Battery – Brand New 4000mAh Only AU $61.29

Dell Latitude D630 Battery – Brand New 4000mAh Only AU $62.91

Send Commands:
· Start, pause, continue and stop a service
· Kill a process
· Start and stop a scheduled task
· Log off any logged in user (local or remote)
· Restart, shutdown, power off, suspend or send the computer into hibernation
· Mobile device authorization for system commands – only selected authorized devices on your account can be allowed to send system commands

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iOS 5 Devices Battery Life Saving Tips

If you are  facing the same battery problem with your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Then you have to try these tips, which will help you to extend the battery life of your iOS 5 devices.

ios 5 battery life save tips iOS 5 Devices Battery Life Saving Tips

Follow these simple tips on your Device to to Fix iOS 5 Battery Drain problem:-

1. Disable Notifications for Apps in Notification Center

IOS5 notifications iOS 5 Devices Battery Life Saving Tips

Go to Settings > Notifications > Turn OFF the notification for the app that you don,t want.

2. Reset Network Settings from Settings

reset network settings iOS 5 Devices Battery Life Saving Tips

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

3. Turn Bluetooth Off

disable bluetooth iOS 5 Devices Battery Life Saving Tips

Go to Settings > General > Bluetooth > “OFF”

4. Disable Location Services

location services iOS 5 Devices Battery Life Saving Tips

Tap on the Settings > Location Services > Disable the location Service for the app that you don,t want.

5. Disable Diagnostic & Usage Reports

Diagnostics usage iOS 5 Devices Battery Life Saving Tips

Tap on Settings > General > About > Diagnostic & Usage > Don’t Send

6. Disable Time Zone Adjustment

system services iOS 5 Devices Battery Life Saving Tips

Tap on Settings > Location Services > System Services > Setting Time Zone to OFF

7. Disable Ping

restrictions iOS 5 Devices Battery Life Saving Tips

Tap on Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions > Ping > OFF

8. Disable iCloud

icloud1 iOS 5 Devices Battery Life Saving Tips

Tap on Settings > General > iCloud > Turn everything to OFF

Try these iOS 5 Battely Life saving tips steps then let us know, Hope this will help you to save the HP NC6400 Laptop Battery problem.

How to fix dramatic decrease in battery life issue In Ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu Low Battery Power How to fix dramatic decrease in battery life issue In Ubuntu 11.10One of the many things that Linux users boast of is the better performance of the hardware in Linux as compared to Windows. Unfortunately, it has not been true in many cases. One of the major issues with the latest Ubuntu releases (11.04 and 11.10) were a dramatic decrease in the battery life along with overheating of laptops. The issue is faced by a large number of people that claimed to reduce the Acer As07b42 Battery life by around 2 hours on average. Interestingly, Windows still performs better and gives greater battery life than the latest version of Ubuntu.

A lot has been discussed about the issue. Lots of bug reports has been filed but nothing conclusive came out. Ubuntu LTS (Long Term Support) versions for e.g., Ubuntu 10.10 and the upcoming 12.04 are known to perform better than Windows but it does not mean that one has to suffer from poor Toshiba pa3594u-1bas battery life until the LTS version 12.04 comes out. In this post we will discuss two workarounds that could help you in improving the battery performance. You can use either or both of them.

Improve battery life by using Jupiter

Jupiter is a Linux applet for display, power, and device control. It can be used to change screen resolution, screen orientation, disabling WiFi, bluetooth and touchpad, and above all, battery performance. Jupiter has 3 Performance Modes: Maximum Performance, Performance on demand and Power Saver. In Power Saver mode it underclocks the processor and hence improves the battery life.

Unfortunately, Jupiter doesn’t work by default with Ubuntu 11.10, but thanks to WebUpd8 team, we have a work around for it. Open your terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and type the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/jupiter
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install jupiter

After installing it, you need to log out and login again. You can see Jupiter in your system tray on the top. You can select Power Saver mode from there. This picture could be helpful:

Ubuntu Batter Performance with Jupiter How to fix dramatic decrease in battery life issue In Ubuntu 11.10

After you put it on power saver mode, the icon turns green. It help you in remembering what mode you are using. You can see a considerable improvement in both battery performance and over heating.

Changing the Grub configuration to improve the battery performance:

If you are not satisfied with Jupiter, you may want to use the other work around which is a Kernel tweak. It was found that Asus a32-f3 extended life battery and over heating issue is related the Linux kernel. Let’s see how to use this trick:

Open your terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and open the Grub config file by using the following command:

sudo gedit /etc/default/grub

Now here search for this line:


Replace the above line with this one and save the file:

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash pcie_aspm=force"

Update the Grub by using this command:

sudo update-grub

This fix was mainly meant for Linux Kernel 2.6.38 and the issue was “supposed” to be solved in later versions of Linux Kernel but that, unfortunately, never happened.

PowerTop can also be used instead of Jupiter but personally, I preferred Jupiter over PowerTop. I hope these tips increase the Dell latitude d820 battery life and solve the overheating problem of your laptop. I sincerely hope that things will be better with Ubuntu 12.04 which is bound to release in April’12.

pixel How to fix dramatic decrease in battery life issue In Ubuntu 11.10